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Only $1500 for the

first 20 registrants!

Regular Price $1800

Choose what you would like to participate in or take some time for yourself. With so many workshops to choose from you'll have so many options to explore for all your beautiful healing opportunities.

At R.U.S.H. we put all of our focus on what is best for you and your personal healing journey. We strive for your ultimate experience and make sure that everyone feels welcome. R.U.S.H. is for everyone and is filled with workshops led by holistic and alternative coaches and consultants covering a large spectrum of topics:

What do we do?

  • vendors
  • forest healing walks
  • sound healing baths
  • kirtan
  • healthy plant based meals
  • art therapy  
  • daily yoga & meditation
  • morning ​bootcamp
  • spiritual dance group classes 
  • hiking & canoeing 
  • sweat lodges
  • guest speakers